Family searches for missing 6-week-old without police aid

Delano Wilson


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The family of missing Delano Wilson searched the southwest side of Indianapolis without police on Sunday afternoon after investigators stopped searching for the baby Friday.

Delano’s father, Willie Wilson, says the baby was taken after he was pistol whipped on Wednesday. Before the search, a small group of family and friends began with a prayer.

“We felt helpless, you know? Sitting there was not helping us get through this. We needed to get out there and look for him ourselves,” said family friend Lathrice Hamilton.

The search party looked in alleys, dumpsters and wooded areas for the baby, but every potential hiding spot turned up empty. Some neighbors who don’t even personally know the Wilson family joined the search.

“This is my community and I’m a parent. You take a child away from their parents, their life is devastated,” said neighbor Allen Pugh.

This search team says it’s just focusing on bringing Delano home, and begs the public to do the same.

“This could be your family and we just hope that you keep us in your prayers regardless to how you feel about us or the situation,” said Hamilton.

The family said they will keep searching every day until someone finds answers.

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