Walgreens now using time-delay safes in Indiana pharmacies

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Walgreens is adding a new tool to its store to help improve the safety of its customers and pharmacists.

The pharmacy installed time-delay safes in all of its pharmacies in Indiana and Kentucky.

The safes are already being used in Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oklahoma and Arkansas. The company says in those states, the safes have helped reduce prescription drug abuse crimes.

“Its a deterrent for the would-be criminals. They’re going to have to take on a lot more risk than they would before,” said Ashley Painter, the Loss Prevention Manager for Walgreens.

Unlike your typical safe, opening these safes takes more time. Walgreens is not disclosing how long the wait time is, but says criminals are less likely to wait around.

“They want to be in and be out in order to get away from the police. Having these safes going live, they won’t have that opportunity to do that,” Painter said.

The safes are being used in conjunction with other security measures and signage warning criminals are visible throughout the stores. The medications inside the safes vary by store, and is based on drug patterns in the community.

While this specific technology was created just for Walgreens, the company says they will share it with other pharmacies if they ask.

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