Two crashes caused by smoking concrete truck

NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. (WANE)  Police in Noble County responded to two crashes Friday afternoon that appear to have been caused by a concrete truck with large amounts of smoke coming from it.

Around 3:35 p.m., emergency personnel were called to U.S. 6 between 500 East and 600 East.

In the first incident, two vehicles were traveling west on U.S. 6 near 500 East, when one of them, driven by Thomas Chelbus, slowed down due to obstructed visibility caused by a concrete truck with smoke coming from it. The other driver, Joshua Stewart, said his view was also obstructed by the smoke and he ran into the back of Chelbus. Stewart, 19, of Albion, suffered cuts to his wrist. Chelbus, 46, of Sturgis, Michigan, wasn’t hurt.

The second accident happened just a short distance away on U.S. 6 near 600 East. Sara Elliot was traveling west when she was struck from behind by a minivan driven by Tristen Sutton. Sutton, 18, of Rome City, said he was headed west on U.S. 6 and saw a concrete truck that had its four-way flashers on and lots of smoking coming from it. He said the smoke made it difficult to see the road and that’s why he hit Elliot’s SUV. Elliot, 72, of Rome City, complained of head and neck pain and was taken to Parkview Noble Hospital for treatment. Sutton and his three passengers were not seriously hurt.

Witnesses separate from the accidents said they also saw the Erie Haven truck.

Deputies were able to make contact with the concrete truck in question, confirming the truck was experiencing a malfunction. The accidents are still under investigation by the Noble County Sheriff’s Department.

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