Progress made on Ash-Bean project

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Crews are making progress on the $98 million development slated to create jobs, housing, and retail in downtown Fort Wayne. Construction teams have already removed at least 1,300 truck loads of dirt from Ash-Bean project construction site. Right now, they’re still laying the ground work for the city’s parking garage.

The four-story parking garage will be the base for the project.  Ash Brokerage is scheduled to build its new headquarters on top of the garage, making it eight stories tall.

Hanning and Bean Enterprises is scheduled to build 80 apartments, 10-14 condos, and six street-front townhouses. The $30 million investment will be called the Skyline Terrace, and is scheduled to be 17 stories tall.

City spokesman John Perlich said the city is still talking with Hanning and Bean about the future of its component.

“The garage and the Ash Skyline Plaza, those two projects are moving forward as planned. We’re continuing to have discussions with Hanning and Bean to determine the appropriate next steps that we’ll need to take for the housing component,” Perlich said.

The city has hit some unexpected issues while preparing to build the parking garage, including moving a sewer line. But Perlich said the city hopes to start building it soon.

“I would say that we’re not too far off schedule — maybe a couple of weeks here or there,” Perlich said. “So really no cause for concern at all in terms of our timing. We think that we’re making the progress that we need to make to ensure that we have a great downtown development that the community can enjoy.”

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