Parking in the same spot results in arrest

Mug shot of Anthony D. Whitman courtesy Allen County Sheriff's Department

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Police arrested a man Monday who was wanted on three active warrants after he was spotted sitting in a car at the same location on consecutive days. When an officer forcefully pulled Anthony Whitman, 29, from his car, he was found to have a loaded handgun ready to fire in his waistband.

According to the affidavit for probable cause, an officer first noticed Whitman, 29, sitting in a silver Kia south of the intersection of East Rudisill Boulevard and Reed Street on August 24. The officer recognized Whitman from a police database, but was unable to make contact with him because an armed robbery call came in.

The next day, a different officer, Officer Nicodemus, noticed Whitman sitting in the same Kia, at the same location. When approaching the Kia, Nicodemus believed Whitman was attempting to hide or grab something between his leg and center console. Nicodemus forcefully pulled Whitman out of his vehicle and found the handgun on his right waistband. The handgun had a loaded magazine in it. There were seven live rounds in the magazine, with one loaded in the chamber.

The officer also found three-quarters of an ounce of marijuana in the car. According to police, Whitman has a prior felony conviction of possession of marijuana.

Whitman was taken to Allen County Jail on the three active warrants and also possession of marijuana and possession of a handgun without a license, which are felony offenses. Whitman was charged with carrying a handgun without a license and possessing marijuana.

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