Kendallville couple foils burglary

Rebecca and Christopher Collins called 911 after spotting a burglary in progress Tuesday morning.

KENDALLVILLE, Ind. (WANE) – Thanks to a Kendallville couple police were able to stop a burglary in progress.  That couple was recognized today by the mayor and police chief for being good stewards.

Everything happened Tuesday around 1 a.m.  Christopher Collins just got off work, and he and his wife were walking to the gas station nearby.

“We walked by a little further down the road and that’s when I told him that we needed to call the cops,” Rebecca Collins said.

Little did the Collins know they’d stumble across a crime in progress.

“We just thought it was kind of crazy. The guy attempted it twice,” Rebecca and Christopher Collins said.

Business owner Mike Bodenhafer says he thankful they walked by because no one else called 911.  He says he reviewed his surveillance footage that morning and saw several cars pass by.

“The bad thing was several cars had driven by with a person with a screwdriver trying to break into a computer and surveillance store at 1 a.m. and nobody called police. Until our friends here happened to walk by,” Owner, PMC Computers and Surveillance Mike Bodenhafer.

There’s no telling what kind of loss the business would had suffered.  But the Collins hopes their story will make a difference.

“Maybe other people will actually step up and help their community a little bit better. We hope anyway,” the Collins said.

The Collins were given an award Friday afternoon for being mindful.

“It makes life better if everybody does the right thing and helps,” Bodenhafer said.

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