Walgreens puts time-delay safes in all Indiana stores

Walgreens has added time delay safes to all of its stores in Indiana.

DEERFIELD, Ill. (WANE) – Walgreens announced on Wednesday that it has expanded its use of time-delay safes for select prescription medications in all pharmacies in Indiana and Kentucky.

The safes are used to secure controlled substances commonly targeted by criminals. Once activated by a pharmacist, the safe is designed to remain locked for several minutes.

Walgreens said the safes successfully eliminate the immediate availability of items frequently targeted in robberies. Pharmacists make sure they have access to enough medication to fill limited numbers of prescriptions, but the full store inventory stays locked and inaccessible.

Walgreens also said it has added ample signage throughout stores to warn would-be criminals that the time lock safes are in place. Each store also has multiple security surveillance cameras and other crime-prevention strategies.

Company leaders said Walgreens decided to install time-delay safes in Indiana and Kentucky after seeing a significant drop in pharmacy robberies in other states where they have been installed. The other states in which Walgreens uses time delay safes are Ohio, Tennessee, Washington, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

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