Recovery Agents: What it takes to become one

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FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Following Monday night’s triple shooting involving a recovery agent – what used to be known as a bounty hunter – we’re digging deeper into what it takes to become one.  People who run a couple of local bail bonds businesses say most of their recovery agents were police officers, state troopers or military police at one point.

“We have a lot of people who that will contact us and say they’ve watched a TV show which is Dog the Bounty Hunter and they get this idea in their head that anyone can be a recovery agent,” Owner of America Bonding Company and President of the Indiana Surety Bail Agents Association Lee C. Sexton said.

Sexton says it takes someone with a background in law enforcement to be a successful recovery agent.

When I actually hire a recovery agent, I will only hire someone who has previous experience as a law enforcement officer or state trooper.”

Once someone is hauled off to jail, most get the option to post bail.  With the help of a bail bondsman they only have to pay 10 percent if they agree to always show up for court.  When they skip out, they owe the remaining amount which they have 12 months to pay.

The bail bonds business got started thanks to a supreme court ruling.

In order to become a bail bondsman or recovery agent you first have to take an exam to get a license to do so.

“The recovery agent has to know what the laws are in each of the states that they operate in.”

Recovery agents do have the right to carry a gun and arrest someone for failure to appear in court.

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