Advance Allen campaign kicks off

Government officials and others took part in a news conference on August 26, 2014 to kick off the Advance Allen campaign.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WAN) Voters will decide this fall whether the current system of county government in Indiana should change from one that has three county commissioners to one that has one county executive and a larger county council. County Commissioner Nelson Peters and Greater Fort Wayne Inc. board chair Ron Turpin kicked off the Advance Allen public awareness campaign at a Tuesday afternoon news conference in downtown Fort Wayne.

Advance Allen is in support of the referendum to change the current system. If passed, county council would grow from seven members to nine members. The campaign will include public meetings, a website and radio and TV advertisements.

Supporters of the referendum claim it will make county government more efficient, more effective and more accountable and will ensure that all unincorporated parts of the county are fairly represented.

Some opposed believe there’s nothing wrong with the current system, so why change it.

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