Federal appeals court set to hear gay marriage arguments

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Hundreds of people across the state headed to Chicago to hear oral arguments in Tuesday’s hearing on same-sex marriage. The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals consolidated two separate appeals from Indiana and Wisconsin and put them on the fast track.

Two plaintiffs in this case, Monica Wehrle and Harriet Miller, were heading to Chicago Monday to get ready for Tuesday’s oral arguments. There will be 20 minutes set aside for attorneys for same sex couples and another 20 minutes for the state. 

“We’re humbled to be a part of this process,” said Miller. “We got involved because we believed that our rights were being denied.”

Wehrle and Miller got married on June 25, the same day a federal judge in Indianapolis struck down the state’s gay marriage ban as unconstitutional.

An appeals court stayed that ruling three days later, following an appeal from the state attorney general’s office. Wehrle and Miller contacted the American Civil Liberties Union and said they wanted to be involved in any appeals lawsuit.

“We’re doing this as a role model I think for future generations,” Miller said. “When you recognize that your rights are being denied and the constitution is not being upheld, that stepping up and speaking your heart and truth will bring justice.”

NewsChannel 15 will have team coverage at the federal appeals court in Chicago Tuesday. Be sure to watch for updates on wane.com, our social media sites, and our newscasts.

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