Indiana State Excise Officers arrest 74 in Bloomington

Photo of someone dumping alcohol in Bloomington courtesy Indiana State Police Excise

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. (WISH) – 74 people in Bloomington were arrested over the weekend by Indiana State Excise Police officers.

60 people were arrested for illegal possession of consumption of alcohol, 31 for possessing a false ID, 13 minors were charged for making a false statement and two were also charged for being in a tavern or liquor store underage.

Police also arrested 10 adults for providing alcohol to minors.

Below is a list of some of the individuals arrested:

Peter Ferretti, 24, was preliminarily charged with an OWI when his vehicle hit a curb and left the roadway on Thursday night.

Austin Dunn, 20, fled from an excise officer at Kilroy’s Sports Bar. He was chased down an alley where police apprehended him. A white powdery substance that tested positive for cocaine was found on Dunn.

John Flaherty, 18, was taken into custody for illegal consumption and fleeing police. Police said he had a blood alochol content of 0.224 percent.

Two others were arrested for walking near 13th Street and Fess Avenue with cans of Four Loco. Five people were also issued traffic tickets for various infractions, including for open container violations.

Police hope the arrests ensure that students arrive safe on college campuses throughout the state.

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