Bystander comes to rescue of mom, children swept into White River

Provided Photo/Noblesville Fire Department

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Fire officials in Noblesville say a bystander prevented what could have been a tragic outcome after he came to the rescue of a mother and her two children who were swept into the White River.

The Noblesville Fire Department was dispatched around 1:30 p.m. Saturday to a water rescue at Potters Bridge on Allisonville Road.

Officials say a mother and her two children were playing by the riverbank when one of her children fell in the water. Authorities say she reached out to grab the child but the current quickly swept him away.

The mother then jumped into the water to try and rescue him. Officials say the other child, who had stayed on shore, then also jumped in the water to try and help her mother.

One child was able to grab onto a tree until rescuers could arrive. Officials say the mother and her other child were rescued by a bystander from Cicero, who jumped into the water and pulled them to shore.

Emergency personnel tended to the mother and children, who were treated and released at the scene.

Fire officials say had it not been for the actions of the man who jumped into the river, the incident could have had a tragic outcome.

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