The Angus Advantage: Steakhouse Salad

When it comes to making a mouthwatering steakhouse salad, Chef Michael Ollier says you’ve got to start with the best ingredients. In terms of steak cuts, Chef Michael recommends a sirloin.

What you should look for in high quality beef is the marbling within. So, good amounts of that – high marbling. And for a good steakhouse salad, I like just salt and pepper on the steak itself. Keeping it simple and then let my salad give more flavor to it.

Start with high heat on a grill so that when you put your steaks on you hear that sizzle. You want to hear that sizzle because you’re trying to get the crust to develop. The crust builds that delicious contrast between the charred outside with the tender, juicy inside. Chef Michael estimates five to eight minutes on each side for a medium rare to medium steak.

You’ll want the steaks to come off easily from the grill, but only flip them once. To tell if it’s done to your preference, Chef Michael recommends using an internal read thermometer. Some people may like to just press it or just have that natural intuition, but to know for sure, stick an internal thermometer through the side of your steak. After pulling your steak off the grill, letting it rest is critical – it allows the juices to re-distribute throughout the cut so that the juice stays within each piece and you get to enjoy that with each bite.

Another tip – slice your steak thin and against the grain, meaning if you see a directional fiber, oppose it so that the fibers can be as short as possible in each bite.

As for the salad itself, you’ll want some tomato (we used sliced cherry tomatoes), some bleu cheese crumbles, blanche green beans, and a dressing with balsamic vinaigrette. Chef Michael then tossed the grilled steak pieces on the top of the greens so that folks can choose how much steak they’d like.

So what exactly is the angus advantage? As Chef Michael points out, angus is specifically just a breed of cattle. It’s a great starting point for good beef, but to become Certified Angus Beef means it has to meet ten strict standards, with marbling being the most important.

For a look at some recipes using steak cuts and other Certified Angus Beef Brand products, head on over to

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