Changes coming to the Rib Room

Photo of Rib Room courtesy restaurant owners

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – After more than 55 years of family-ownership, changes are coming to Fort Wayne’s Rib Room. Restaurant owner, Sam Filippou, has decided to sell the building but will continue to run the well-established restaurant.

The deal with local real estate investors promises significant exterior renovations as well as a new Martini and Wine Bar.

Although the building has new owners, Filippou will continue to manage the Rib Room. The west side of the building, which is currently known as the Family Room, will be remodeled and renamed Nick’s Martini & Wine Bar. The kitchen will service both Nick’s Martini & Wine Bar and the Rib Room.

“My brothers and I couldn’t be more excited about the future of the Rib Room,” investor Matt Henry said. “We’ve been patronizing the restaurant for a long time, and when the opportunity to buy the building presented itself, well, we jumped at it.”

Matt Henry, along with his brothers Kurt and Chris will operate Nick’s Martini & Wine Bar. The restaurant will feature a few appetizers to go along with its alcohol specials.

The name change was chosen in honor of a previous name, Nick’s Rib Bar, and later as Nick & Von’s Rib Room. Von’s son and Rib Room owner, Sam Filippou said the change in ownership shouldn’t affect dining experience.

“We had an opportunity to sell the real estate, but also to continue owning and operating the restaurant as we have for the past 55 years,” Filippou said. “It was the best of both worlds: The Henry brothers will do what they do best, which is buying and fixing up commercial buildings; and we’ll continue doing what we do best, which is offering the best in fine dining.”

Filippou decided to sell the building earlier in 2014 due to the time and money it takes to maintain the building. He spoke with Henry Brothers Real Estate about buying the building and allowing him to lease space so he can focus more on the Rib Room.

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