Snider’s Ensley Aims To Be Picture Perfect

FORT WAYNE, IN. (WANE) – Ryan Ensley may be a bull on the football field, but he’s an aficionado with a pencil and paper. Snider’s 6-foot-3 285-pound senior offensive lineman is an accomplished artist who is already getting plenty of recognition.

“The last two years he’s done the artwork for the season-ending history that we put together,” says Snider head coach Kurt Tippmann. “He’s done a great job in both years of designing the cover. He does a lot of great things in the school with his artistic ability. Ryan is exceptional.”

Ensley’s artwork has also been featured prominently at the Three Rivers Festival each of the last two summers where he’s created large chalk drawings. His preference is to work with pencils, but the senior says regardless of the medium he uses, he’s able to draw parallels between his work and the sport he loves.

“With are you study, you take a lot of time with what your draw,” he says. “You have to study what you’re going to draw so you know how to draw it. With football, you have to study your opponents and know how to block them. I think that all ties in really well.”

Ensley says he plans to major in graphic design in college and has looked at schools that would allow him to continue playing football as well. He and the rest of the Panthers open their season on Friday with a visit from SAC rival Bishop Luers.

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