Indy church reacts to Hoosier’s fight against Ebola virus

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indiana native Dr. Kent Brantly left an Atlanta hospital on Thursday after surviving the deadly Ebola virus.

“Today is a miraculous day. I am thrilled to be alive,” Brantly said before being discharged.

His colleague, Nancy Writebol, was released on Tuesday. Both missionaries contracted the virus while working in Liberia.

Before leaving on his trip, he spoke at Southeastern Church of Christ on the south side of Indianapolis.

“He went to provide medical care and learn even better how to be a medical missionary and then this comes along and places him in a position where he can continue to advocate for the people that don’t have anyone advocating for them,” said Pastor Greg York, who heard Brantly’s sermon before he left.

“Its one thing for him to go over there; that raises our consciousness, and then for this to happen, it raises our consciousness ever more,” York said.

And as this disease unfolds half a world away, York says those here can apply Brantly’s experience to their own lives.

“You have to be prepared to use your life in the best way that you see fit, but not knowing all the other things that are going to come along, that will sort of change that mission, or open up new opportunities to maybe do some good in another area than what you originally thought,” said York.

After all of this attention, Brantly said today that he and his wife are going to spend some time together, alone and with their kids, outside of the limelight. He said they will then discuss whether to speak more on his experience with Ebola.

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