Electric car agreement in Indy draws criticism

Photo courtesy WISH-TV

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – There’s a new agreement to limit what ratepayers will be charged to establish the electric vehicle program backed by Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard, but the proposal is still the source of controversy.

The plan calls for 200 charging stations around the city and Indianapolis Power and Light wants ratepayers to help pick up the tab.

The average bill for a residential customer of IPL was scheduled to go up 44 cents per month. Now, the estimated rate increase is 28 cents per month.

The deal reached between IPL and the Office of Consumer Counselor also calls for profits from the deal between Blue Indy and the city to go back to ratepayers.

It’s a deal that must still be approved by the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission.

State Representative Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) wants its members to know that she considers this a tax increase demanded by the Mayor.

“I will continue to try to work on convincing the IURC to reject the proposal, or the compromise, and to also reject the proposal outright,” she said.  “This is a private business that’s wanting to do this enterprise and a private business should have to pay for it.”

Consumer Counselor David Stippler issued a statement saying the deal is in the public interest and should be approved.

It calls for the city to seek federal grants and corporate support to reduce the burden on ratepayers.

There is no timetable for the IURC to take action.

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