Court docs: ‘If I’m going to prison for this, I’m going to prison for rape too’

Previous mug shot of Michael Ladig courtesy the Allen County Sheriff's Department.

NEW HAVEN, Ind. (WANE) –  New Haven Police are asking for the public for help as they try to track down a man they said should be considered extremely dangerous. Michael Ladig has been on the run since May 2014.

He is accused of brutally beating his girlfriend multiple times, putting her in the hospital for days, and of attempted rape.

The first beating happened on May 21. Ladig and his girlfriend at the time, Catherine Anderson, had just come home from a cookout.  He hit her in the back of the head and punched her in the face. He told Anderson,”I know you’re cheating on me, I just saw you get out of their car.” Anderson asked him what he was talking about. She then reminded him they came home together, but he continued to beat her. According to the probable cause, Anderson told police she couldn’t fight back because she was in shock and that Ladig was much bigger than her.

Anderson told police Ladig also choked her, beat her, and drug her around their trailer. She said the beatings lasted around three to four hours. She also said Ladig told her he was going to “squeeze the life out of her.” He also broke her nose and split one of her eyelids open.  Anderson told police she remembered thinking he was going to kill her and she wouldn’t be able to take her daughter to school the next day. He then grabbed a knife out of the sink and tried to stab her in the neck.  The blade caught the hollow part of her gage earring and broke. She tried to call 911 on two different phones, but Ladig broke both of them.

He then told Anderson, “You’re going to watch me kill myself.” Ladig tried to use the broken knife handle, and then dumped a bottle of pills into his mouth. He made Anderson lay in bed with him, and when he fell asleep, she was able to escape to her car. Ladig woke up, jumped in her car, and told her “You’re not going anywhere, get back in this house.” As they were walking back into the trailer, he dropped the keys and she was able to run to the car and drive away.

That’s when Anderson drove herself to the Taco Bell in downtown Fort Wayne. It’s where her son worked and she said she wasn’t able to drive herself any further and needed her son to take her to the hospital. Anderson’s son drove her to St. Joseph Hospital, where she spent the next three days.

While she was in the hospital, Ladig left her a voicemail apologizing, and said the following:

“I love you so much Katie, I don’t want to live my life without you.  It’s the worst mistake I’ve ever made in my life…If you give me another chance I promise that I’ll never drink and I’ll never hurt you…Please think about this, I promise you I’ll never drink again.”

After Anderson was released, she went back to the trailer on May 24. She found Ladig there with a half gallon of Vodka. According to the probable cause, she told police as soon as she saw that, she knew there would be trouble. He started to beat her again, and pushed her head through the drywall.

Ladig told Anderson, “If I’m going to go to prison for beating your a**, I’m going for rape too. I’m getting some p**** before doing life. You know you want this, just let me have this one more time.”

He then attempted to rape her, but Anderson was able to fight him off by biting him on the cheek.  Then, she texted her sister for help and Ladig ran away.

Ladig has been on the run since May 28, He faces nearly a dozen charges:

  • Two counts of criminal confinement
  • Battery
  • Attempted battery
  • Two counts of domestic battery
  • Strangulation
  • Attempted rape
  • Sexual battery

Police consider him extremely dangerous and said Anderson is lucky to be alive.

“To be honest with you, we’re very fortunate that she’s still with us and was able to contact law enforcement and seek medical treatment and be able to be around today to talk about this. I’m sure probably every time she walks out, she has a fear that he may be lurking around a corner somewhere and that’s not a way to live,” New Haven Police Chief, Steve Poiry, said.

Police originally thought Ladig was out of state, but they now believe he is in the area. They also said this isn’t the first time Ladig has been in trouble with the law. He has a lengthy criminal history, and a pattern of domestic violence.

“Often times, the best predictor of the future is past behavior, so even more so now, this is somebody we would like to get picked up and incarcerated,” Poiry, said.

Anyone with information is asked to call New Haven Police or CrimeStoppers.

New Haven Police: 260-748-7080

CrimeStoppers: 436-STOP

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