Officer shoots pit bull after being attacked

pit bull
File photo of a pit bull on a chain, Photo Credit: Ildar Sagdejev / Wikimedia

CELINA, Ohio (WANE)  The owner of a pit bull faces possible charges after the animal first confronted a person walking a dog and later jumped at a police officer who was investigating the first incident.

According to the Celina Police Department, officers were called to the 500 Block of Lisle Street at about 10:50 am after receiving a complaint about a vicious dog.  The person who filed the complaint told police that earlier in the day they had been walking their dog on a leash when a pit bull and a smaller dog crossed the street to confront them.  The person was able to get inside safely.  The person then went to the house of the owner of the pit bull and when the pit bull came at them aggressively they backed their way back home and called police.

A Celina police officer went to the door of the owner’s home and that’s when the pit bull came around the corner from the back of the residence and began barking.  The dog then jumped on the officer and scratched him repeatedly.  The officer backed away, but the pit bull continued to advance and jumped on him again.  The officer managed to push the animal away, but the dog continued to snap at him, so the officer pulled his gun and shot the dog once, injuring him.

The pit bull took off and was found a short time later.  The animal was taken to the Mercer County Dog Warden where it was treated by a veterinarian.  The pit bull is being held while charges are pending against its owner.

Police are not releasing the owner’s name until the investigation is complete and charges are filed.

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