Rush prepares for role as Chief Justice

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WLFI) – Supreme Court Justice Loretta Rush said she’s still getting used to the idea of being the newest Chief Justice of the Indiana Supreme Court.

“I was thrilled to get it, but it’s still sinking in,” said Rush.

That didn’t stop her from competing with fellow justices Justices Mark Massa and Steven David in a triathlon Saturday.

The members of “Team Supreme” each completed a portion of the event. David said their teamwork is a reflection of how the Indiana Supreme Court will continue to work together with Rush as Chief Justice.

“It won’t change the conference,” said David. “It won’t change anybody’s voting style. We just work hard at working well together.”

The former Tippecanoe County Judge will be the state’s first female chief justice, and she said she’s already thinking of how she can make a difference.

“I plan on just building what we’ve done and then taking time to come up with the other justices and judicial leadership with a strategic plan to make the judiciary even stronger,” Rush said.

Rush said the support of her fellow justices will help achieve the goal.

“Our supreme court is strong,” said Rush. “I’m still one vote on the court, and we’re strong, but we’re strong collectively.”

Rush said she may not have been able to get to where she is now, without the support of her native county.

“I have a strong affinity and will always have it,” said Rush. “I’m very grateful for Tippecanoe County, and all it’s done for me.”

Rush will be formally sworn in as Chief Justice on Monday. The ceremony will take place at the Supreme Court Law Library in Indianapolis.

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