Renovation efforts begin for Anthony Wayne statue

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A conservation company out of Chicago has started the restoration and conservation efforts for the Anthony Wayne statue in Freimann Square Tuesday.

Conservation Sculpture & Objects Studio, Inc. was selected for the $75,000 project. Andrzej Dajnowski, director of the company, said he put his bid in for the project last year. They have been instructed to clean the statue and recreate Anthony Wayne’s sword. Dajnowski said as being in the conservation business, he realizes many cities don’t understand the significance of maintenance to historic statues until it’s too late.

“There’s almost never an endowment for maintenance, it’s changing now,” he said.

Dajnowski explains the company has been extremely careful with cleaning the statue because of material used to make it. His company is using lasers to clean it, which he said is environmentally friendly and doesn’t damage the integrity of the statue. The laser used was created by his son, Bartek, who also works for the conservation business.

He said after the extensive cleaning of Anthony Wayne, constant maintenance will be minimal. Cleaning will only require washing, waxing and reapplying coating.

Al Moll, executive director for Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Department, said this project is one of many renovations coming to Freimann Square.

“An overall project to put in new benches, new lighting throughout the park,” Moll said. “Renovation of that park, this is the first stage.”

The project should be completed by late September. Moll said there will be a ceremony to celebrate the new and improved statue no later than October.

Moll added there will be more restoration efforts done for other statues throughout Fort Wayne parks. The next project after the Anthony Wayne conservation and restoration is the David Foster statue in Swinney Park. Moll said that project should start sometime next year.

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