Sandbox Veterans linked to curb painting

Thanks to a 15 Finds Out investigation, the Indiana Attorney General's Office launched its own investigation into the Sandbox Veterans.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) -The Indiana Attorney General’s office is looking into an Allen County curb painting service.  State leaders said the the group has legal violations and is being investigated in connection with the Sandbox Veterans.

On Tuesday, 15 Finds Out reported an unusual notice posted on every mailbox at the Waterside Woods neighborhood in Fort Wayne. That notice told homeowners to post money on their front door and said a crew would be painting house numbers on curbs.

15 Finds Out has linked that notice to the leader of the Sandbox Veterans, Roger Locke.  His so-called charity used to panhandle money from drivers claiming it went to Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans with PTSD.

Molly Johnson with the consumer affairs division of the Indiana Attorney General’s office released the following statement regarding the curb painting crew and the Sandbox Veterans:

The attorney general’s office has nearly completed its investigation into [the] Sandbox Veterans and will soon be making a decision on how to proceed. Also, we are aware of the curb painting business, which raises additional legal violations. The office is looking into this as well.

The attorney general’s office wouldn’t explain what the legal violations are because of an ongoing investigation.

Several other factors link Roger Locke and the Sandbox Veterans to a curb painting service.

The notices taped to mailboxes in Waterside Woods said anyone interested in having their address painted on their curb should make checks payable to “Locke.”  The Facebook page “Locke Address Curb Painting” lists the same address where 15 Finds Out tracked down the Sandbox Veterans.  In addition, a Facebook post by Locke lists the same email address as the one listed on the Waterside Woods flier.

The Sandbox Veterans group has been known to paint curbs.  It advertised the service on the Wedgewood Place Homeowners Association page in 2012.

Mike Joyner with the Fort Wayne Police Department said it’s perfectly legal to paint house numbers on curbs. In fact, leaders encourage it to help public safety responders. The difference with Locke’s group is that the attorney general lists it as having legal violations.

The “Locke Address Curb Painting” Facebook page lists more than 20 Allen County neighborhoods it has serviced.

15 Finds Out will have the results of the attorney general’s investigation as soon as they become available.

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