Prosecutor won’t press charges in dog case

LIGONIER, Ind. (WANE)  A case involving the removal of 16 dogs from a home in Ligonier last week doesn’t merit charges being filed according to Noble County Prosecutor Steven Clouse. The animals were removed from the home located in the 500 block of Grand Street on August 5 after neighbors called police to complain about two dogs fighting next door.

Clouse told NewsChannel 15 that a vet examined all the dogs and gave them a clean bill of health and there was never a court order to remove the animals, that was done by the Humane Society.

Last week, Jennifer Getts with the Humane Society of Noble County said Ligonier has no law restricting the number of animals a homeowner can have. Getts said the dogs were removed from the home because of their health conditions and potential danger to the area, since there was a child living in the same property.

“[Officials] felt it in the best interest of everyone, including the animals — they were dirty, had a little bit of water but not…humane care in our opinion,” Getts said. “That’s when they asked us to remove them.”


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