You can now “click before you dig”

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  Homeowners and contractors in Indiana can now request the marking of underground utility lines by going online in addition to calling 811.  The 811Now service was launched Monday by Indiana 811, the state’s utility notification center.

Homeowners and contractors can access the service by visiting

Anyone planning to use 811Now should be prepared to answer questions about the exact location of the project (address, county, township, closest intersecting street and exact location on property where digging will occur) along with the name and contact information for the person(s) who will be digging on the property.

After an 811Now online request is received, member utility operators are notified and will send professional locators to mark the approximate locations of their lines within two full working days (days excluding weekends and state and federal holidays).

Only after all member utility operators have responded either by marking the approximate location of buried utilities or by declaring the dig site clear of buried lines may a contractor or homeowner begin digging carefully around the marks.

A utility line is damaged every six minutes in the United States because a person decided to dig without first notifying a local 811 center, according to Common Ground Alliance, a national utility safety association. Striking a single utility line can lead to personal injury, penalties, repair costs, and expensive and inconvenient outages.


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