Tip from teen led police to potential explosives

DECATUR, Ind. (WANE) – A tip from a 16-year-old ended up leading police to potentially explosive devices at an Adams County home Friday, according to a probable cause filed Monday.  Police in Adams County are still trying to piece together what their suspect was plotting with his devices.

Zachary Fiechter, 18, was arrested on a preliminary charge of “dangerous control of a firearm” Friday.  According to court documents, a 16-year-old told police Fiechter sold him a Ruger AR15 223 rifle along with four magazines and a holographic sight for $1,000. Adams County Sheriff Shane Rekeweg said it was that tip that ultimately led police to potentially explosive devices at Fiechter’s home Friday.

Teenager arrested on gun charge in rural Adams County

As of Monday afternoon, Fiechter hadn’t received any additional charges. Sheriff Rekeweg said the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is working to figure out if Fiechter’s devices were actually explosive. Until then, information on the investigation is still very limited.

“Once those results come back, then additional charges could be filed if it’s determined that those are in fact explosive or destructive devices,” Rekeweg said.

According to a sergeant with the Bluffton Police Department, officers with the Adams County Sheriff’s Department notified Bluffton police that there may have been explosive devices at Kingdom Academy, a private Christian school in Bluffton.  The Allen County Sheriff’s Department brought over a K-9 that specifically searches for explosive devices. It took multiple agencies around a half hour to search the school, but found nothing suspicious.

It’s still unclear how many potentially explosive devices Fiechter had, or why police thought one was in a school.

NewsChannel 15 will continue to look into the incident in Adams County and have the latest on the investigation once it becomes available.

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