The Angus Advantage – Best Cuts

Chef Michael Ollier with Certified Angus Beef Brand stopped by to talk about the best cuts for the grill.

The strip steak, New York Strip or Kansas City Strip, is a popular choice. The sirloin steak is also popular and more economical. When you go to the meat case at your local Meijer, look for those opportunity buys and check out the top sirloin. And then there’s the ribeye. The key to choosing a good ribeye steak is the amount of marbleing. That’s the little flex you see within the lean – you’ll want to look for that in abundance. If you’re looking for two steaks in one, go for the T-Bone. It’s got a strip steak on one side and then a filet on the other. If the filet is large, it’s called a porterhouse.

When it comes to cooking on the grill, Chef Michael recommends getting it “blazing hot” – or as hot as you can get it. By starting with the high heat, you’ll develop those signature sear marks and the steak will lift easily from the grill.

What you’re looking for is the high heat. You’ve gotta hear the sizzle. If you don’t hear the sizzle, you’re not gonna develop that great crust. And that’s what our palletes really crave – is that crust on the outside to contrast the wonderful, tender, juicy inside.

Chef Michael’s favorite seasoning for steaks? Fresh ground pepper and some coarse salt.

That’s it. And if you start with quality, just bring it out and enhance it with a little salt and pepper – that’s my go-to….simplicity is often the best.

So what exactly is the angus advantage? As Chef Michael points out, angus is specifically just a breed of cattle. It’s a great starting point for good beef, but to become Certified Angus Beef means it has to meet ten strict standards, with marbleing being the most important.

For a look at some recipes using steak cuts and other Certified Angus Beef Brand products, head on over to

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