Criminal history revealed on Monticello shooter

Photo courtesy WISH-TV

WHITE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — White County Prosecutor Bob Guy was saddened when he heard that 42-year-old Israel Rogel had shot his estranged wife, 43-year-old Delia Gonzalez, and her friend, 42-year-old Agustin Oliver, outside of Jordan Manufacturing on Tuesday.

“We were all shocked to hear it,” said Guy. “You know, we live in a small community, a safe community.”

However, Guy admits this wasn’t the first time he had heard of Rogel.

According to court documents, Rogel was charged with operating while intoxicated back in 2001 and dealing cocaine in 2003, for which Guy said Rogel was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

“In Indiana, at least at that time under the sentencing guidelines, you would receive day for day credit,” said Guy. “So, he would have served half that time.”

It was that felony charge and Rogel’s 2011 domestic battery charge against Gonzalez that Guy said made it illegal for Rogel to possess a firearm.

“It was one of the things that we and law enforcement did consider and needed to investigate and are continuing to investigate how in fact he came in possession of a firearm,” said Guy.

Guy said Rogel’s domestic battery charge against Gonzalez happened before the two were married. Guy said Rogel completed the domestic violence counseling required in that plea deal.

“You have to assume, at least at the time, that she believed that he either had changed or was a changed man, and was someone she wanted to continue a relationship with,” said Guy. “We can’t monitor the relationship that people choose to have once they leave the system.”

When asked if the court regrets offering that plea deal to Rogel, Guy said the court did everything it could, and the plea deal was something Gonzalez agreed to.

“We have reviewed those things to see if there was anything we thought we could have done differently in ways of providing a benefit to the victim and in this particular case, I don’t think there’s anything that could have been done differently,” said Guy.

Guy said Rogel and Gonzalez were only married for about a year. She filed for divorce in early June of 2014.

Guy said the process often takes about 60 days, so while the two were separated, he said at the time of the shooting the two were still legally married.

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