Brothers split up Mike’s Carwash

Mike's Car Wash.

FORT WAYNE,  Ind. (WANE)  The brothers who own Mike’s Carwash have decided to split the organization into two companies. The announcement was made via a press release that was sent to media outlets on Friday. The company hopes that the move, which is expected to be completed in October, will create more opportunities for their members. The split includes an agreement in which one brother will keep the name and the other brother will keep the branding.

“Over the last couple of years, as Mike and I talked about the future of Mike’s Carwash, we began to realize the potential for growth and continuing the business well beyond our lifetimes,” Mike’s Carwash CEO, Bill Dahm said. “We came to the conclusion that our families long term opportunities increased if we reorganized into two separate companies.”

Bill and Mike’s father, Joe, first started the company in Fort Wayne in 1948. When Joe and his brother opened ‘Mike’s Minit Man,’ it was Indiana’s first automated carwash.

“This is not a decision we’ve taken lightly,” said Bill. “We’ve spent many months in discussions with each other and consultants who specialize in family business succession planning. This is a friendly reorganization that will lead to more growth for both of the new companies.”

After more than 60 years the company now operates in three states: Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. There are 41 Mike’s Carwashes owned and operated by Bill and Mike.

Bill’s central Indiana locations (Lafayette, Kokomo, Terre Haute, Anderson and Columbus) will operate under the same branded look with a new name. Bill said the new name, Crew Carwash, was chosen to acknowledge what he said is the key to success. “Mike’s Carwash has always been recognized for our team of outstanding young men and women who serve our customers every day.

Mike will keep 15 locations (Cincinnati, Dayton, Evansville, Fort Wayne and Mishawaka) with the name Mike’s Carwash. However, the company will get a new branded look.

Succession planning is very important,” Vice President, Mike Dahm said. “By making these plans now when the company is financially strong and when there is no urgency or outside forces dictating action, we can make wise and well thought out decisions for the future.”

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