First time voters can register by October 6

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The next general election may not be on the radar of those who haven’t voted before. That’s why the Young Adult Council of the NAACP Branch #3049 and WANE-TV teamed up to produce a Public Service Announcement (PSA).  It demonstrates how easy it is to register.

Registration is available in person, online or by mail.  For example, a person can register in person at their County Registration Office or the Indiana Election Division (Indianapolis). Applications may also be completed online or downloaded and mailed into the County Registration office.  Be sure you have your current driver’s license or Indiana State I.D. card.  Voters must be US citizens, reach age 18 by the next election day (November 4, 2014), need to have lived in precinct for at least 30 days prior to the next election day, and not be currently in prison convicted of a crime.  If you meet the criteria for citizenship but do not have a driver’s license or State I.D, card you still have options, but they are limited to the mail-in or in-person registration.There’s nothing difficult about the process, but like other important milestones, there is a process.  It’s recommended that first time voters register early.  The last day to register is October 6, 2014.

The NAACP Branch #3049 holds registration events and can help anyone fill out and turn in an Indiana Voter Registration Application.  On the importance of registering first time voters, branch president, Rev. Saharra Bledsoe states, “when an individual begins to realize that something so basic as casting their vote is a way for them to speak up and stand for whatever it is they believe in and/or hope for . . . then you really get to see and experience democracy at its greatest point of possibility.”

To contact the NAACP Voter Registration Chair, call 260-744-5973.  To contact the branch office, call 260-426-3049.

The website, is the link to use to register online, update your information, locate county registration offices, polling locations and more.  For additional help, contact your County Registration Office:

ADAMS, 260-724-5309

ALLEN, 260-449-7154

DEKALB, 260-925-9787

HUNTINGTON, 260-358-4820

JAY, 260-726-6917

NOBLE, 260-636-2736

STEUBEN, 260-668-1000

WABASH, 260-563-0661

WELLS, 260-824-6479

WHITLEY, 260-248-3164