Students, parents tour renovated EACS schools

Students and parents got to check out two new schools at an EACS Ribbon Cutting ceremony on Friday.


ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – Students, parents, and members of the community got a first look at two new schools in East Allen County Friday.  They’ve been four years in the making, and on Friday administrators and staff at Woodlan and Monroeville K-12 finally got to cut the ribbons on their new buildings.

Students and parents got to check out the schools before they head back on the 12th.  Construction crews added an elementary to both Woodlan and Heritage making both K-12.  Something parents seem to be in favor of.

Dropping off and picking up students just got easier for some parents.  For the first time, no matter their child’s age, they’ll all be at the same school.

“I know that the kids and the teachers and parents are all very excited about a new building as all of us are when we get a new car or house.  It’s that new that’s exciting,” EACS Superintendent Ken Folks said.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz was at the dedication ceremony for both schools.  She says she got to see the entire planning process.

“We’re talking about storage space, technology, specialization for special education population.  They took a lot of time to plan the building,” State Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz said.

Ritz got her own tour by a special tour guide.

“I had a student guide so that always helps you know.  They live here.  They know where things are.  So, he took me to the library first.  I’m a librarian so I wanted to see that space first.”

Dorothy Germann first started her teaching career at Monroeville.  She retired after 33 years.  Touring the new school was special for her to see.

“It has changed so much.  They’ve updated and I think the best thing that the teachers enjoy are the separate restrooms for each one.  You don’t have to look down the hall – did they make it to the restroom? Who else was going to the restroom,” retired teacher of 33 years Dorothy Germann said.


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