Construction begins on downtown roundabout Monday

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE)  Starting Monday, construction on a roundabout downtown at Fairfield, Ewing, Superior and Wells streets begin. During construction a couple streets are changing the flow of traffic and closing.

Ewing Street, which has previously been a one-way street, is changing to allow traffic to travel two-ways. Fairfield Street is closed between Superior Street and Main Street while the west side of the roundabout is being built.

The north bound Ewing Street becomes a two-way street, the conversion goes from Superior Street to Jefferson Boulevard where Ewing is already a two-way street. The change allows for the preparation and construction of the roundabout at Fairfield, Ewing, Superior and Wells streets.

City officials estimate the road should be open to two-way traffic by Tuesday afternoon. During construction there will be a 3-way stop sign at Ewing, Wells and Superior streets.

Fairfield Street will be converted to two-ways when construction moves to the east side of the roundabout.

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