Arrest made in 1981 murder case

Steven G Noffsinger
Mug shot of Steven G. Noffsinger provided by the Paulding County Sheriff.

PAULDING, Ohio (WANE)  A nearly 33-year-old murder case only recently reopened may finally have been solved with the arrest of the victim’s ex-husband.  Friday afternoon, Paulding County Sheriff Jason K. Landers issued a press release to announce that Steven G. Noffsinger, 58, had been arrested following a Grand Jury murder indictment for the killing of Alma Noffsinger.  According to Sheriff Landers, the two had been divorced for approximately seven months.

Alma Noffsinger
Photo of Alma Noffsinger provided by the Office of the Ohio Attorney General.

Alma Noffsinger, 29, was found beaten to death inside her Oakwood, Ohio home on November 17, 1981.  Her case had been reopened by Sheriff Landers.

“The majority of the people that were involved in this investigation are still alive today,” Landers told NewsChannel 15.  “They still reflect to this day.”

Landers said police were able to build their case off of the original police report the day of Alma Noffsinger’s death.  Interviews took place in Texas and Chicago, among other places.

“Deputy Rob Garcia and Lt. Brion Hanenkratt have put a lot of man hours into this cold case over the past several months, along with cold case investigators that were brought in to assist our office. I commend them for their dedication to see this through. I am pleased to know the healing process can start for Alma’s family,” stated Sheriff Landers in a press release.

The press release did not indicate a possible motive for the killing.  Landers would not go into detail about the evidence that was presented to the grand jury, which gave police the okay to arrest Noffsinger.

“We don’t put the whole case in front of them,” Landers said.  “They don’t make a guilty verdict.”

Landers said he expected Noffsinger to make his initial court appearance next week.

“Aggravated murder with specification makes this a capital case,” Landers said.  “As far as the legal system goes, there’s a whole different set of books that goes along with it when you look at potential death penalty cases.”

The case is the subject matter for an upcoming episode of the TNT network television series “Cold Justice” which is set to air on August 8. The title of the episode is “Second Thoughts.”

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