Facebook page helps reunite long-lost dog with owners

Diesel pictured with his owners, Phil and Heather Braun, was reunited with them Wednesday night.

ALLEN COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – A dog who went missing almost a month ago was just reunited with his family thanks to some dedicated friends, complete strangers, and a Facebook page.  That page is called “Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne.”  And the family of the three-year-old boxer named Diesel credits his return to social media.

The Braun family says the people on the Facebook page never let them lose hope.  For 25 days huge search parties were confident they’d bring Diesel back home.

Picture of Diesel that was posted on the "Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne" Facebook page.
Picture of Diesel that was posted on the “Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne” Facebook page.

“It was the night of July 5th. Folks behind us were setting off a lot of fireworks. He was fine for awhile then he just freaked out and took off running,” owner of lost dog Phil Braun explained.

“It was about nine o’clock at night. So, of course it was getting dark and we went immediately went out and started searching. No sign of him. Got up the next day. Started searching for him again. No sign of him at all,” owner of lost dog Heather Braun said.

Shortly after Diesel went missing, the Brauns learned about the Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne Facebook page.  There they posted his picture.  Any time someone spotted him, immediately they’d update it with his whereabouts.

“It’s amazing how many people would post to it and call 911. 911 actually had my phone number so when he was located somewhere 911 dispatch would call me and tell me where he was at,” Phill Braun said.

Although he was eventually found yesterday three miles away from home, there’s no telling how far Diesel actually traveled.

“I bet Diesel covered maybe 30, 40 miles over the next 25 days. I mean he has been as far away as St. Joe Road, Notestine, Till Road, behind the Parkview Y, Pine Valley, the Kroger up here.”

Catching Diesel wasn’t easy.  Phil says they had to use a dog trap they borrowed from a field officer with the Allen County Sheriff’s Department.

“This is the tree where he was laying out earlier in the day about this time yesterday. He was taking a nap there for about 30 minutes. She watched him get up and walk into the grass. That’s when I baited the trap right here. About six hours later he was in it.”

Everyone is overjoyed that Diesel is finally back home.

“They were so excited to see him after we got a clean bill of health from the vet,” Heather Braun told NewsChannel 15.

Diesel went to the vet Thursday.  He lost 10lbs but was given a clean bill of health.
Diesel went to the vet Thursday. He lost 10lbs but was given a clean bill of health.

The people with Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne say they do this out of the kindness of their hearts.

“I did. I got tears. Because it has been 25 days of…… You want these dogs to come home. You want this to be a happy ending,” Volunteer Kim Barker said.

“We’re glad to have our baby boy home,” Heather Braun said.

Around 4pm Thursday, Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne reunited another dog with its family.  Click here to visit the Lost Dogs of Fort Wayne Facebook page.

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