Storms take out a barn in Noble County

NOBLE COUNTY, Ind. (WANE) – Strong storms swept through northeast Indiana Sunday evening and dumped sheets of rain and hail. Strong winds also left behind damage in some areas.

State Road 9 in Noble County was shut down for a while because downed trees were blocking the road. A barn in Merriam collapsed after strong winds blew through there.  The owner of the barn was in Fort Wayne when the storm hit and neighbors called him saying his barn had blown over.

“Driving from Fort Wayne to here is a half hour so there’s a lot of things that are going through your mind. Is it anything other than just the barn? Is there anything done to the house? The detached garage? Fortunately nothing else was wrong. Everything is kind of settled in now, so it’s just next steps sitting down and trying to remember exactly what was in the barn,” Terry Zelt, the owner of the barn, said.

Zelt said the only valuable things in the barn were a vehicle and a lawnmower. He said some of the debris flew more than 150 yards from the barn’s original location.

The family has already notified the insurance company, and says they’re just glad no one was hurt.

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