Pence, Bayh, crowd 2016 field with questions

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Two of the state’s political big dogs have Republicans and Democrats holding their breath for 2016.

Republican Gov. Mike Pence would easily win his party’s nod for re-election in two years, but he has been hinting at a White House run in the past few months. Former Democratic U.S. Sen. Evan Bayh has hinted he might return to Indiana politics, a move that would likely clear the field for whatever seat he sought.

Andrew Downs with the Mike Downs Center for Indiana Politics says questions about each party star’s plans have other possible candidates guessing and waiting.

Downs points out that big names like Pence and Bayh can energize their party’s voters, but they can also crowd out would-be governors or U.S. senators waiting on the party’s bench.


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