Terre Haute receives grant to help clear blight

Blighted home, photo courtesy WTHI

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Terre Haute has received a federal grant to help eliminate blight.

The city budgets around $300,000 to take care of these abandoned or condemned properties, but Mayor Duke Bennett says it isn’t enough.

“We always have between two to three hundred properties on our list that are in some part of the process,” Bennett said. “Whether it’s the initial condemnation or farther along in the system, and so each year then we get down to about 50 or 60 that we typically are able to tear down.”

The grant comes from a federal initiative to help remove blight. Cities were able to apply to the state for money that can be used towards the removal of these properties.

Terre Haute was awarded $650,000. It’s an amount that Mayor Bennett is happy about.

“It’s almost two years of what we normally put in on top of what our normal commitment is for this year and next year both,” Bennett said. “We’ll be able to do twice as many over the next two years than what we would normally do, so it will have a huge impact.”

Bennett says that it’s important to make officials aware of properties that need attention.

The point of this project is to clean up these properties that might also be a hazard, and make the city look better.

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