Family seeking justice after police dog attacks son

Photo courtesy WISH

FISHERS (WISH) – A murder in Fishers, last month, made news not just for the case itself, but because such violence is so rare in Fishers.

Now, there’s another unusual element to the story from the same incident.

A family says it will sue the Fishers Police Department for something else that happened that night. The family is blaming police and a dog for attacking their son the evening that Connor Shockley was stabbed to death on June 22nd.

“The animal took him to the ground and caused all the wounds and injuries and trauma that you see in the pictures laid out before you, said Attorney David Stewart”

The victim Brandon Murphy was badly hurt during the attack.

“I mean I didn’t have any of my clothes on after that had happened. The dog ripped my clothes clean off of me,” said Murphy.

Murphy went to the murder scene that night last month. He said he had no part in the crime.

He was just a few houses away, and said since he knew the victim, he went there to see if he could help. Brandon was then attacked by a Fisher’s Police dog.

“It was extremely terrifying. I didn’t expect that to happen at all,” shared Murphy.

It took several officers and a taser to get the dog off of Brandon that night.

His parents also complain that their son was handcuffed, for several hours. When he was taken to a hospital, they say police were slow to say which one.

The Murphy’s claim Fishers Police were negligent. They said they want compensation for the medical bills, physical pain and emotional suffering.

Fishers Police say they’ve done an internal review of the incident. Among their conclusions, the K-9 officer was in complete control of the dog at all times. The dog obeyed the commands of the officer and the officers acted in accordance with their training and experience.

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