DEA dismantles cash for pills scheme in central Indiana

A doctor's office in Carmel that DEA agents raided Friday morning (WISH Photo/Troy Kehoe)

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — Agents with the Drug Enforcement Administration simultaneously raided multiple doctor’s offices in central Indiana Friday, all suspected of illegally prescribing synthetic drugs.

The raids follow a nine month investigation and began at 7 a.m. They were run by the Drug Opiate Recovery Network (DORN).

The raided offices were described as “cash and carry” operations where hundreds of patients would arrive and trade cash for prescriptions for Suboxone, a synthetic heroin substitute.

Agents responded to the following offices:

  • 23 East Main Street, Suite 200, Carmel
  • 813 Westfield Boulevard, Suite 100, Noblesville
  • 121 North High Street, Muncie
  • 3827 South LaFountain, Kokomo
  • 801 Airport Road, Centerville

Four doctors were arrested, along with eight other individuals who were described as clerical workers at the offices. Names of the following individuals arrested were provided by officials:

  • Dr. Larry Ley
  • Dr. George Agapios
  • Dr. Ronald Vierk
  • Dr. Luella Bangura
  • Hamilton County Attorney Andrew Dollard

Friday morning charges were being filed in Hamilton and Howard counties.

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