Byron Health Center renews lease

Byron Health Center

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) Allen County’s commissioners renewed the lease on the existing Byron Health Center. However, that lease won’t last long because of plans for a new building in the works, commissioners announced Friday morning.

The contract is written in a way that both the Allen County Community Commission and Byron Health Center have to agree on when to move forward on a new building, plus what to do with the current building.

“I don’t know if that is three years or five years or ten years which is one of the reasons the contract was written as it was,” Allen County commissioner Nelson Peters said. “Neither one of us want to have to put more into that facility than we have to knowing that it’s really going to be a short term fix to the long term problem.”

Under the new agreement, the company managing the center will pay the county $450,000 a year to lease the building which is a 50 percent jump from what it has been paying.

The building was first built in the 1900’s, and then improved on in the 50’s and then again sometime in the 80’s. A new building would give the health center an opportunity to enjoy some of the amenities the current building can not offer.

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