6 Indiana projects get national humanities grants

File photo.
File photo.

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Three universities in Indiana have been awarded a total of $1.25 million in grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

The endowment announced Monday that Indiana University’s Indianapolis branch campus is receiving $114,000 for a three-week seminar for 16 school teachers on the history and cultures of Muslims in the U.S. The University of Notre Dame is receiving two grants, including one for $222,000 for anthropological and archaeological fieldwork in Calabria, Italy.

Three projects at Indiana University in Bloomington have each received scholarly editions and translations grants of between $310,000 and $275,000. The projects deal with 15 volumes of previously unpublished field notes about four native tribes of the American Great Plains, a collection of Italian poems, and works by 13th century philosopher Richard Rufus.


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