Owner of car stolen by runaway teens out hundreds

DECATUR, Ind. (WANE) The owner of the car that four teens stole earlier this month is out hundreds of dollars and now has no transportation.

Police in Geogia found the teens last week in that stolen car. Three of them are now back home and the adult is facing several felony charges.

Although the car owner says an apology would be nice, it won’t help her situation.

“I was not able to pay my July rent because they took that money. I have not been able to pay any of my bills because they took that money. I have not been able to go anywhere to the grocery store because I can’t buy groceries because they took that money,” said Dolores Shepherd, the owner of the stolen car.

According to Shepherd, first, her purse was stolen from her car, which was unlocked.

A little more than $600 was inside and some spare car keys.

Almost a week later, Addie Elzey, 14, Ashley Carr, 14, Justin Carr, 15 and Jeremiah King, 18, came back, and stole Shepherd’s car.

Dolores Shepherd's car was stolen more than a week ago.
Dolores Shepherd’s car was stolen more than a week ago.

“Why me? It’s like now what,” said Shepherd.

The teens were arrested last week after running away from Cook County police in Georgia, leaving Shepherd’s car rolling. A deputy had to hit her car with his to stop it from running into oncoming traffic.

“My car’s still in Georgia in the impound, so I have no car,” said Shepherd.

Shepherd has another car, which is also out of commission.

“It’s about $900 to get it working so I can have a car.”

Shepherd recalls seeing all the activity on Facebook about the missing teens.

“Nobody has even said well she needs help also, so it kinda made me angry.”

She said she still hasn’t spoken to the teens nor their parents.

As far as an apology, she said it won’t fix her problems.

“To me, that would show that they are remorseful for what they did.”

NewsChannel 15 spoke to Tricia Elzey, Addie’s stepmother. She said they are still worried about repairing their family dynamic and they aren’t in a financial position to help Shepherd with her car right now.

Shepherd works with the school bus system. So, she has another month to figure out how to get to work but is planning on getting rides from co-workers.

If you’d like to help Shepherd, she asked that you go through the Decatur Police Department.


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