One Wabash Valley school switches to new schedule

Photo courtesy WTHI

CLINTON, Ind. (WTHI) – New paint coats the walls and new carpet covers the floor, Central Elementary is ready for school! But are they ready for a new schedule?

These pages will soon be rifled through by young hands but in different increments of time.

The South Vermillion School Corporation has switched to a balanced schedule, but with a twist.

It’s a modified balanced calendar.

“The thinking behind it was to try to give educators, parents more breaks throughout the school year,” said Ryan Jenkins, principal at Central Elementary School.

Basically, they made a few of their normal breaks longer and their long breaks a little shorter.

It’s a decision a long time in the making, one that educators took seriously.

“It wasn’t just a quick, snap decision. We put a survey out on the school website and asked for feedback from community members. We talked to board members and tried to get as many parties affected involved in the decision as possible,” said Jenkins.

But they think it’s best for the children, especially those at a young age.

“I can’t really speak to the drawbacks yet, because I haven’t really done it yet. So I don’t know of any yet. I see the benefits as keeping everybody fresh, letting the kids get those brain breaks they need. There’s so much accountability on students and teachers now, that they need breaks. They need those abilities to turn those brains off a little bit and come right back and get ready again,” said Jenkins.

This is a decision made by many schools across the entire country.

“It has to do with accountability. I think when they look at United States education compared to the rest of the world, we want to be competitive, we want to stay on top of things. As our legislators and leaders make these decisions, i think those are the things kind of guiding them, that we need to put more focus on schools, get every minute we can, and make it count for the most that it can,” said Jenkins.

Keeping kids sharp and at the edge of the learning game.

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