Witness who helped police catch wanted nurse speaks out

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Sarina Hathaway, 18, was the person who saw NewsChannel 15’s report Thursday evening about Gas City police looking for a nurse who they said was caught on camera beating and choking one of her patients.

Gas City police said they issued a warrant for Veronica A. Summers, of Gas City, after investigators said a mother turned over a video of Summers beating and choking her daughter with cerebral palsy several times.

Hathaway said she and her family spent three weeks at Lutheran. They were there visiting her ailing grandmother. She said over the course of their stay, they met Summers.

“She was just talking to us and everything and we didn’t even know,” Hathaway said.

Hathaway’s family was unaware of Summers being on the run from police. The family eventually realized something was off about Summers. Hathaway told us that Summers was in Lutheran’s ICU for a few weeks, but during her stay, she never went back to the ICU to see anyone. She saw Summers stay the night in the hospital many nights using hospital blankets and pillows to get comfortable. Another red flag was when the news would come on; Summers would ask someone from Hathaway’s family to change the channel.

During NewsChannel 15’s First at Five Thursday, Hathaway’s family watched the news. When we aired Summers’ story, Hathaway said she and her mother knew that was the same woman her family has been talking to during their stay.

“They showed her mugshot and we looked back at her and she was already at the door,” Hathaway said.

Hathaway and her mother started to chase Summers down after seeing her mugshot on the news. Hathaway called security and she said a guard printed off a picture of Summers and asked her, “Is this the woman you saw?” She replied, “Yes.”

Minutes later, Fort Wayne and Allen County police arrived and arrested Summers.

“I probably wouldn’t have done anything differently, because they got her,” she said.

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