TRF’s Junk Food Alley brings in the dough

Vendors at TRF's junk food alley say they've seen an increase in sales this year.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) –  The Three Rivers Festival has had some record turnouts for the concerts this year. Families have also packed the midway and its rides, but mostly, everyone’s favorite Three Rivers Festival staple is the food.

Vendors said they have seen more people come to their booths this year compared to previous years. They said sales have increased but aren’t exactly sure where to credit the extra business. Some business owners said they believe it’s the cooler weather. Some said it’s the different food options, and others said they are seeing more families later in the evenings because of the concerts instead of the usual pack of teenagers.

However, enjoying Junk Food Alley does come at a price. It’s true to its name, so if people are on a diet, they may want to steer clear of the festival favorites. NewsChannel 15 looked into what some of the most common festival foods may be costing your waistline according to calorie calculations on “My Fitness Pal.”

TRF favorite foods:

Elephant Ear – around 400 calories

Lemon Shake Up – 204 calories (16 oz.)

Funnel Cake – 760 calories

Half slab of BBQ ribs – around 600 calories

Deep Fried Red Velvet Oreos – 890 calories (5 oreos)

Although, many people said calories were none of their concern. “I don’t want to know,” Mama Jane, the manager at Best Around Funnel Cakes, said. “I just want to eat them.”

Likewise, festival goer, Stacey Brooks said, “I eat anyways and forget about it and start all over the next day.”

The last day of Three Rivers Festival is Saturday, so there is still a little more time to indulge in favorite festival foods.

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