“Nanny Cam” leads to nurse’s arrest

Veronica Summers, a nurse accused of beating one of her patients in Gas City, was captured by Fort Wayne Police Thursday night.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WISH) – A Grant County in-home health care nurse who was wanted on several battery charges was arrested at a hospital in Fort Wayne on Thursday.

Police said Veronica Summers was found at Lutheran Hospital. One Fort Wayne Police Department officer said she was staying in the hospital’s lounge rooms, posing as a visitor.

A person at the hospital recognized Summers after watching a segment on the news.

Summers was wanted on a warrant out of Grant County after a camera caught Summers hitting a patient in the face multiple times and pulling her by the hair multiple times to a sitting position.

The patient is a 16-year-old with cerebral palsy, who is non-verbal, and depends on others for most everything in her daily life. Her mother said she hires licensed in-home health care providers to take care of her daughter during the day. Summers was one of those in-home health care nurses.

The patient’s mom said after she saw what she thought were injuries on her daughter, she put a ‘nanny cam’ in her daughter’s bedroom.

Grant County Prosecutor Jim Luttrull charged Summers with three counts of battery, one count of neglect and one count of strangulation.

A FWPD officer said Summers was taken to the Gas City Police Department following her arrest in Fort Wayne.

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