Troublemakers beware: Stronger police presence at Three Rivers Festival

There is a stronger police presence at the Three Rivers Festival this year.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – With more than 400,000 attendees, Three Rivers Festival leaders tell us security and safety is a top priority.  And this year, they’ve made some major changes.

Festival-goers will notice a stronger police presence.  More officers guarding the entrance and grounds.  Plus, their squad cars parked up front.  All in hopes of discouraging troublemakers from acting out.

“Some of those police officers you can see when you’re here.  I can also tell you there are a whole lot you can’t see when you’re here,” TRF Executive Director Jack Hammer explained.

Most people go to the festival for a good time.  But, TRF leader Jack Hammer says some go to cause problems.

“I’m sorry to say there’s other people in our community that want to come down and create things like havoc, petty crimes, stuff like that.  We surely do hope that having all of the police here and all of those other officials here that will help kind of deter that just by the sight of knowing that they are here.”

In fact, Saturday night police stopped a situation from escalating into something worse.  A couple of teens were accused of firing shots near the festival.  One was taken into police custody and sent to Juvenile Corrections.

“I can rest a little easier knowing that we have our good, trained officers down here helping to make everyone safe.”

Hammer asks folks to be aware of their surroundings and to report anything suspicious.

“If you see something that isn’t right, well notify a police officer and let them know that.”

On top of the beefed up police presence, they also have a good severe weather alert platform in place.  In fact, they went over the loud speaker Monday night to inform people of the bad weather moving in.


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