Police link couple to fitness center thefts

Mug shots of Andrea Harmeyer and Matthew Andorfer provided by the Allen County Sheriff's Dept.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) A man and woman were arrested Monday after police found purses, bags and other items believed to have been taken during vehicle break-ins at the Parkview Family YMCA and Spiece Fitness. Andrea A. Harmeyer and Matthew D. Andorfer could face various charges as the result of the police investigation.

According to police reports, Scott Monnett, Executive Director of the Parkview YMCA, called police to report a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot of the facility located on Dawson’s Creek Boulevard off Dupont Road. Monnett told police the pickup truck with Ohio plates matched the description of the truck seen at the time several vehicles had been broken into.

Three officers blocked the pickup with their squad cars and one of them went over to talk with a woman in the cab who said she was waiting for her ex-husband who was out walking the trails. The officer could see a screwdriver, a flashlight and shards of glass on the floor of the truck. He also recognized the woman, Andrea A. Harmeyer, as matching the description of a person who had threatened people at various fitness centers. Police then took Harmeyer back to a squad car to be identified before she was asked to call her companion back to the truck.

When the companion, identified as Matthew Andorfer, arrived back at the truck, he told officers he had been walking the trails. When asked about vehicles being broken into, Andorfer denied knowing anything. He was then taken to another squad car while officers waited for approval to search the truck. Due to the large amount of purses, bags and other items found inside the cab and in the bed of the truck, police decided to have it towed for processing.

In the meantime, officers were given DVDs which showed video footage of the pickup traveling through the parking lot on that day and on previous days. Soon afterwards Spiece Fitness provided police with photos and video of a pickup matching the description of the one being towed from the YMCA at the Spiece Fitness parking lot.

Police were also able to match an iPhone that had been reported stolen with one found on Andorfer.

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