Major restaurant chain applies for ‘No Tech Tuesday’ trademark

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Applebee’s, the world’s largest casual-dining chain, has submitted a trademark application for something called “No Tech Tuesday.”

It’s not something local Applebee’s workers are talking about, since restaurants usually get the trademark approved before any big announcements.

It almost seems like a foreign thought, to sit at a meal without checking your phone, but Applebee’s could start a new trend. So 24-Hour News 8 asked people in Indianapolis what they thought of going tech free at the table.

“It would be a nice throwback to the old family tradition of sitting down together and actually speaking to one another,” Caleb Cain said.

It’s difficult to look around and not see some sort of technology, a lap top or tablet at someone’s fingertips, a cell phone to a cheek, or ear buds hanging down a chest.

“Sometimes it’s kinda rude when you’re at dinner or lunch, whatever, and you’re texting, swiping,” Edward Ball said.

So Applebee’s is reportedly considering No Tech Tuesday’s.

“I think it’s a great idea, especially for family nights to get together. Because everyone at the age of 8 has a cell phone, so it’s a good excuse to get the kids to put the phones away,” Kelly Fullenkamp said.

“It would probably be full on Tuesday’s. Go have some business meetings or time with the family with no tech,” Ball said.

“I think with how connected we are in the world nowadays and everyone is checking email, everything is expected to happen right away. It’s a good idea,” Matt Fullenkamp said.

Most of the people we spoke with like the idea.

“At least one day, it’s not too bad,” Ball said.

Still they say it may be difficult for those devoted to their devices.

“Your phone is like an addiction, so it’s like asking someone to put out a cigarette. Sometimes it’s for the good of everyone,” Kelly Fullenkamp said.

Applebee’s corporate office staff did confirm they had filed the trademark application, but said it is unclear if they will pursue the Tuesday tradition.

On the other hand, the chain is also in the process of installing 100,000 tablets on every table at more than 1,800 of its U.S. restaurants by the end of 2014.

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