Group continues to push for urban trails

Community members organized a bike ride to raise awareness for more trails on the Southeast side of town.

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – Members with the Urban Trails Project hosted another bike ride Tuesday evening in order to raise awareness to the need for more trails in the inner city.

Leaders with the group have been fighting for trails in the area for almost a year. They are pushing for a trail down Hanna Street because they believe it will give people direct access to grocery stores and downtown Fort Wayne. They said a trail would be an alternate form of transportation for people living in the inner city.

“An urban trail has to be functional and multipurpose,” said Linda Brooks with the Urban Trails Project. “You want it to be able to lead you somewhere.”

On Tuesday evening, the group road their bikes to Tillman Park to learn more about the city’s Trek the Trails ride which happen every Tuesday evening.

“The city doesn’t have any bike programs where they come out and ride in the community or ride their bikes at any of those inner city parks,” Brooks said.

Brooks said trails on the Southeast side of town are more of a necessity rather than an extracurricular activity but hopes eventually they will be able to have Trek the Trails rides at parks such as McMillen or Weisser. Fort Wayne Trail leaders said they’ve been working with the group to make that a reality.

“We’re working on projects on the South and Southeast side to further connectivity to the Rivergreenway as well as serve the urban area,” Lori Rose, the executive director of Fort Wayne Trails, said.

City leaders said there is Legacy money available for the project. However, Rose said putting a path down Hanna Street will take some thoughtful engineering since it will be close to people’s properties.

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