Adult with missing teens faces multiple felonies

The photo of Jeremiah King that was distributed when the community was looking for him along with the three missing teens from Decatur.
A viewer sent NewsChannel 15 this poster for the teens missing from Decatur.
A viewer sent NewsChannel 15 this poster for the teens missing from Decatur.

COOK COUNTY, Ga. (WANE) A man faces several felony charges after police found him and three other missing Decatur teens Monday night.

According to the Decatur Police Department, Jeremiah King, 18 faces eight to ten felony charges, including possession of stolen property, bringing stolen property into Georgia, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, obstruction of justice to a police officer and three counts of contributing to the delinquency of minors in Cook County. King could face more charges locally in Decatur. However, those are unclear.

So far, the other three are not facing any charges.

Decatur and Cook County police confirmed all four were found safe Monday.

Two of the teens were located around 9 p.m. and the other two were found around midnight.

“A lot of nights of no sleeping, no eating, just worrying. Big weight lifted off my shoulders,” said Terri Carr, Ashley and Justin’s mother.

Cook County police said they received a call of a suspicious group of people at a rest area along I-75.

The parents of Addie Elzey and Ashley Carr, 14, Justin Carr, 15 and Jeremiah King, 18 have all been notified of the children’s whereabouts. The parents of Elzey and Ashley and Justin Carr told NewsChannel 15 Tuesday morning that they are on the way to Georgia to pick their kids up and take them back home to Decatur.

“We’re gonna spend a lot of time talking and repairing whatever needs to be repaired. We have to see if she even knows why she left and what we can do to fix it so we can get back to being a good, happy family,” said Tricia Elzey, Addie’s step-mother.

King remains in the Cook County Jail.

Elzey’s father and stepmother told NewsChannel 15 Monday their daughter had a friend spend the night Friday. Saturday morning the friend told Elzey’s parents she climbed out a window and never returned.

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